Meet the team

Hi, My name is Preston Levandowski. I am currently a senior at The Ohio State University. I am from a small town called Brunswick, Ohio. There is not a whole lot to do in this small town which is what led me to want to start a podcast. When I am not podcasting I am usually playing golf, hanging out with my loved ones, or working out. I usually like to live in the moment, but I am super excited to see where this podcast will be five years from now. 


I am Jaret Malleo, a co-host for Kickin’ it Back.  I am from Brunswick, Ohio.  I am in my final year at The Ohio State University, where I study Business with a specialization in Finance.  I have a passion for trying to help/influence others.  One of my main goals with the podcast is to continue to produce fun and relatable content that all viewers can relate to.  When I am not filming a podcast or in the classroom, you can probably catch me on the golf course, in the gym, hanging out with my family & friends, hanging with my girlfriend, or trying to buy another pair of sneakers.  I am eager and excited about the future of Kickin’ it Back and I cannot wait to see where it leads to! 


Sponsored Athletes: 

Jalen Garner 


Nick Felician


Noah Hughes


Jordan Akins


Jacob Brickman