About Us


Kickin' it Back was initially released on March 14th, 2021 with intentions of reaching a wide fan base through both humor and the personalities of hosts Preston and Jaret.  As students of The Ohio State University, they have been working hard to grow the podcast while also balancing a college course load.  In their time away from both school and work, they enjoy playing golf, hanging out with friends and most importantly kickin' it back in the podcast studio.  Kickin' it Back is a laid back, relatable, and entertaining podcast.  Unlike most podcasts, the topics vary week to week on whatever content is relevant in the hosts lives.  You can always count on a Kickin’ it Back original game of Over/Under, a weekly hypothetical, and the song of the week. The podcast and brand are consistently growing and both hosts are beyond excited to keep producing content that engages its audience.